Maestro Juan Torres Calderon, Artist and Sculpture, Morelia, Michoacan State, Mexico

Maestro Juan Torres Calderon, renowned Michoacan artist and humanist born in Morelia in 1942, studied at the Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes of the University of Michoacan de San Micolas de Hidalgo and in the studio of respected Maestro Alfredo Zalce.

Early in his career Juan contributed in the creation of one of the Palacio de Gobierno murals in Morelia and in the 1980’s received the Alfredo Zalce award. ¬†Juan is passionate about ceramics and art history, identifies with fauvism and impressionism and is a promoter of the traditional art and crafts of Capula, Michoacan.

The colors and classic style of Juan’s paintings and sculptures harmonize to touch the intellect and spirit and evoke happy emotions of the heart. His strong yet flowing brushstrokes caress the canvas creating a sentimental, spiritual ambience. Juan is known for his other worldly, dignified expression of the female form and celebration of nature.

Over his career, Juan has exhibited in over 40 national and international galleries and museums.

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