Efren Gonzalez, Artist/Muralist, Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Jalisco

EfrenGonzalez, a prolific oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylic painter/muralist, is a native of Ajijic.

In his early years, Efren was inspired and taught by the Neil James Art Education Program in Ajijic, Jalisco. Over the years he has has studied with Antonio Cardenas; B.R. Kline, International Artist; Luis Eduardo Gonzalez, Watercolorist; Kent Clark, Sculptor and Juan Navarro, Etchist.

Efren paintings depict the things he sees in everyday life– the colorful people and landscape of his beloved Mexico.

Efran’s intricate murals portray Mexico’s fascinating pre-Hispanic myth and history using the rich repertoire of his imagination and palette.

For information on how to purchase or commission a painting or mural, please contact Efren at:

Efren Gonzalez Art Center
Marcos Castellanos #7
Ajijic, Jalisco
Tel: 01 (376) 7665381
Cel: 045- 33828 1916


Efren Gonzalez - Artista Ajijic and Guadalajara Mexican Muralist

Efren Gonzalez & Bruno Mural Ajijic

Efren Gonzalez Ajijic Mexico Fishing Boat Lake Chapala

Efren Gonzalez Ajijic Mexico Artist Watercolorist

Efren Gonzalez Ajijic Mexico Artist Sandia Watermelon Watercolor

Efren Gonzalez Ajijic Mexico Artist & Muralist