Centro de Retiros de Luz de Compasion Retreat Center, Canatlan, Durango State, Mexico

Luz de Compasion, located in Northern Mexico near the picturesque pueblo of Canatlan, Durango, is a unique, affordable concept for retirees and individuals seeking a like-minded spiritual community.

Luz de Compasion is set in a small valley of apple orchards at an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level. A small river meanders through the east section of the property and the east, north and west sides have panoramic views of the fabulous Sierra Madres – perfect Feng Shui!

Luz de Compasion (Light and Compassion) Retreat and Retirement Center is Jhampa Shaneman’s realized vision of a private, safe, supportive living situation for serious meditators – a viable alternative to the high-priced retreat packages offered in other parts of the world.

Mexico’s climate and relaxed attitude towards zoning and building codes allows serious meditators the opportunity to create the retreat of their dreams. Owners receive full control of their investment and the Luz community watches over the property during periods of absence. All this at a very affordable price!

Please click HERE for a long list of Questions and Answers regarding Location, Agreement, Land and Construction, Lots, Retreat Houses, Construction Materials and Design Plans, Water and Services, Banking, Weather, Transportation, Shopping, Medical, Connecting with the Outside World and Living and Dying at Light and Compassion Retirement Centre.

The azure blue day sky, starlit night sky and dramatic  sunsets combine with an average 60 degree F climate and Mexico’s relaxed infrastructure to create the essential conditions for a peaceful, secluded ‘home to meditate’ away from home!

For complete information, please contact Jhampa Shaneman at LUZ DE COMPASION

Email:  jhampa@centrotibetlaguna.org or cangomexico@gmail.com

Jhampa Shaneman Canatlan Durango Property Blueprint

Luz de Compasion Retreat Home Plan Durango Mexico

Luz de Compasion Canatlan Durango

Jhampa Shaneman Canatlan Durango Meditation Retirement Centre

Jhampa Shaneman Canatlan Durango Meditation Retirement Retreat

Luz de Compasion Canatlan Durango Mexico Meditation Retreat