BBCC (Bucerias Bilingual Community Center), Murder Mystery, Los Arroyos Verdes

Murder Mystery Supper Extravaganza

Friday, December 16 at 6 p.m.

Los Arroyos Verdes Resort

Bucerias, Nayarit

Hola! I just got this message from Alison of Rancho el Limon!

“I have often over the past years been accused of being a little “dramatic”.  Frankly I do not know why.  It did occur to me though that treading the boards could be a good option for emotional therapy so I offered myself to writer and director David Austin (a fellow Brit) to take part in this year’s BBCC benefit MURDER MYSTERY SUPPER EXTRAVAGANZA which is at 6pm on Friday 16th Dec. at Los Arroyos Verdes, an amazing resort off the main 200 highway at Ave Estaciones.  Tickets are available at the BBCC, A/Verdes; Elements Realty and the Bucerias Artwalk Plaza.  HURRY!

Tickets are $500 pesos each include a great supper, a drink, theatre and audience participation.

If you wish to come along and heckel me, I will be flattered. BUT be gentle with me, it is my debut.  No rotten eggs please as I will be wearing a nice frock!  My fellow actors are local hero Brus Westby, Deborah Kanarek of Amigos de la Cruz fame and Christy Beguesse (aka Judy Garland).  We will be happy to sign autographs after the performance as we are sure to be famous one day!!!!

It is all for a great cause and this annual event is always popular so book fast!  First come, first served.  If you have nobody to come with just let me know and I will try and put you with other friends so you can all have fun together.”

Thanks for your support,


Bucerias Tel: 322 102 0382″

Please click this LINK for complete information – enjoy!